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Solvent based, pure acrylic resin for sealing precast concrete units (pavers).  Complies with ASTM C-1315 Type 1, Class A specifications.  Provides a very durable, high gloss sheen.  VOC 700 g/L. Tinted options available. Tinted options available.This product is not for sale or use in the O.T.C. region states or the state of California due to current EPA .40 CFR regulations for Concrete Cure and Seal Compounds.


Pavesheen is a clear acrylic copolymer, solvent-based, curing, sealing, hardening and dust-proofing compound for interior (see cautions) and exterior concrete. Pavesheen will form an impervious film that is resistant to the alkali present in fresh cement, and will retain moisture for freshly placed concrete ensuring proper strength development. Pavesheen will penetrate the substrate and provide a protective seal on the surface that is resistant to mild acid, alkali, and salt attack, and will not support mold growth. Pavesheen will increase the stain resistance of the concrete and allow easier cleaning, maintenance, and extended wear


  • Provides high levels of sheen and gloss retention with deep color enhancement
  • Provides excellent oil and stain resistance
  • Allows easier cleaning of sealed surfaces
  • Provides “anti-spall” protection against salt attack
  • Non-yellowing formula designed for maximum resistance against sun degradation and gloss retention

SHIPPING NAMES: Combustible Liquid N.O.S., (Light Aromatic Naphtha, 1, 2, 4-Trimethylbenzene) NA 1993, Packing Group III. Note- Not regulated by D.O.T. in containers < 119 gallons. For combustible liquid exemption refer to CFR 49, 173.150, par. H

SHIPPING CLASS: ITEM 155250, SUB 2, LTL 65- Concrete Cure & Seal Compound

AVAILABLE IN:  1 gallon (3.78 L), 5 gallon (18.9 L), and 55 gallon (208 L) containers.

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