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Cement based, non-shrink, non-metallic, high strength grout.  Ideal for heavy loads and high early compressive strengths.  Complies with ASTM C-1107 Grade B.


Speccrete® 14K Grout is a pre-blended, non-shrink, non-ferrous, high strength multiple use material, which can be mixed from dry pack to flowable consistencies. Some common grouting applications for Speccrete® 14K Grout include: structural columns, pump equipment and machinery bases, bearing plates, dowel and rebar placements, rail posts, seating bolts, precast tee joints and post tension cables. 


  • High early compressive strengths.
  • Ideal for heavy loads.
  • Early loading provides reduced down times.
  • Controlled expansion.
  • May be used from dry pack to flowable.
  • Contains no added chlorides, iron or gypsum components.
  • Can be used in wet environments.

COMPOSITION: Portland/calcium sulfo-aluminate based cements, selected aggregates and chemical additives. This product contains no calcium chloride or added chlorides that contribute to reinforcement steel corrosion.

TECHNICAL DATA: Speccrete® 14K Grout complies with ASTM C-1107 Grade B, CRD C-621, ASTM C109, ASTM C-348, CRD – C588, CRD C-226, CRD C-266, ASTM C-588, AASHTO T-161B.

FREIGHT CLASS: Item #42130, Sub 0, LTL 50 -Cement based grouting material in bags

AVAILABLE IN: 50 lb. (22.70 kg) bags

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