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Liquid V.M.A. for multiple use applications as mentioned above, modified for increased strength gain and improved surface detail.


Original #19SA is a multi-purpose admixture that combines the benefits of Original #19 viscosity modified stabilization along with calcium chloride based acceleration for improved setting time and strength gain in colder temperatures. Original #19SA also contains a plasticizing agent that disperses the cement particles, provides lubricity to the concrete, and allows a lowering of the water to cement ratio in wet or high slump mix design


  • BLEED / SEGREGATION CONTROL: Original #19SA decreases surface water bleeding and improves aggregate suspension due to its gelling action. The hydration water is held integrally in the mix (not pushed to the surface), resulting in concrete with reduced capillarity, improved workability and cohesiveness.
  • ACCELERATION: Original #19SA contains calcium chloride for faster initial strength gain and compressive strength development in cold weather pours or whenever faster mold turnover time is required.
  • WATER REDUCTION: Original #19SA allows for 5-10% water reduction depending on the dosage used. This provides higher end strengths with less surface defects, voids, or imperfections.
  • SHRINKAGE CONTROL: Original #19SA stabilizes the concrete mix and therefore decreases shrinkage potential or surface cracking common in wet mixes or hot, windy weather environments
  • DECREASED PERMEABILITY: Original #19SA provides a volume stabilized “closed cell” concrete structure that is less susceptible to water intrusion. This results in decreased surface damage from continuous freeze-thaw weather cycling and increased resistance to attack by deicing chemicals.
  • IMPROVED SURFACE APPEARANCE: Original #19SA intensifies color shades in decorative mixes containing iron oxide colorants resulting in improved appearance; uniformity and easier mixer clean out. Streaking, shade variations, and efflorescence formation are reduced or eliminated. 

COMPOSITION: Medium viscosity modified proprietary gellant solution with lubricating additives and chloride.

TECHNICAL DATA: Independent laboratory test data for Original #19SA is available upon request

SHIPPING NAME: Concrete Admixture – Water base - Not regulated

AVAILABLE IN: 1 gallon (3.78 L), 5 gallon (18.9 L) pails, 55 gallon (208 L) drums, 265 gallon (1000 L) containers.

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