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White, high range powder, melamine based, ideal for white cement mixes.


Specco W-30P powder is a superplasticizer / high range water reducing admixture formulated to produce flowable concrete with improved workability for both ready mix and precast applications.W-30P works as a superplasticizer by dispersing the cement and making the concrete temporarily more fluid (lowering viscosity), without the need for additional water. W-30P functions as a high range water reducer by reducing the amount of mix water required by up to 25%, which results in higher early and ultimate compressive strengths, and improved freeze-thaw durability. W-30P also improves the finish of precast concrete by minimizing honeycombs and segregation, while maintaining mix cohesiveness and maintaining ideal finishing characteristics. W-30P can be easily added at the jobsite to increase flowability of mixes that are too low in slump.W-30P has a white color that is beneficial for use in white, architectural precast mixes.


  • Allows flowable and easy placement of the mix.
  • Allows concrete placement in hard to access jobs or heavily reinforced areas.
  • Extends slump retention time.
  • Greatly lowers water/cement ratio up to 25%.
  • Allows faster mold turnover for precast applications due to improved strength gains at all ages.
  • Premeasured bags ensure consistent results.
  • Improves dispersion and intensity of intergral colors.
  • Provides reduced shrinkage and surface bleed.

COMPOSITION: Blend of melamine based sulfonate salt condensates

TECHNICAL DATA: W-30P powder is formulated to comply with ASTM C-494 Type F, AASHTO M-194, and CRD C-87 specifications for high range water reduction.

DOSEAGE RATES: Dosage of W-30P ranges from 5 to 10 ounces (0.31 to 0.66 lb) per 94 lb bag of cement. Typically, one 28 ounce (1.75 lb/0.79 kg) bag of W-30P is recommended for every cubic yard (cubic meter) of concrete to increase the mix slump up to 6 inches (15 centimeters) or to achieve up to 25% water reduction. The slump gain will remain in effect for approximately 30-45 minutes, and then return slowly to its original starting slump. Results can vary due to differences in the concrete materials or field conditions. These include, but are not limited to ambient and mix temperatures, cement, sand and aggregate gradation and ratio, additional admixtures in the mix, slump, water content, and temperature, mix time and mixer type, means of conveying and placing, as well as vibration method and duration. W-30P is fully effective and compatible with most all concrete admixtures, however, it is always recommended that each admixture should be added separately to the concrete mix to avoid any adverse reactions.

AVAILABLE IN: 28 ounce (1.75 lb /0.79 kg bags), packed 24 per case, or 25 lb net pails.

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