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Concentrated, aluminum sulfate solution designed to accelerate the set of pneumatically placed concrete (shotcrete).


Specco A-33AF Gun Accelerator is a concentrated, aluminum sulfate solution designed to accelerate the set of pneumatically placed concrete (shotcrete). When shotcreting damp or leaking rock, or concrete surfaces in tunnels, sea walls, tanks and other structures, A-33 AF Gun Accelerator helps provide the early strength gain needed to attain structural value more rapidly. This early strength gain permits blasting of the face or shafts much earlier, and in tunnel applications, allows shotcreting directly behind the mole. A-33AF Gun Accelerator also helps improve shock and vibration resistance of the mix.


  • Accelerates setting and early strength gain to achieve specified values more quickly.
  • Contains no chlorides or thiocyanates.
  • Effective at low dosages.
  • Minimizes rebound on high application rates.

COMPOSITION: Blend of sulfates and amines in water

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: A-33AF Gun Accelerator is generally dosed between 6-11% per weight of cement (Approx. 0.5 to 1.0 gallon/ bag of cement). The ideal water to binder ratio is 0.45 or less. However, the dosage may be adjusted if needed as determined by the existing weather conditions. To determine the actual addition rate, an on-site test is recommended, using materials, mix design and prevailing temperatures on the job site. For best results, A-33AF Gun Accelerator should be introduced separately at the shotcrete nozzle utilizing a peristaltic type pump or roto-stator. Diaphragm, piston, ball and seat valve pumps, pressure tanks or gear pumps are not recommended. After using A-33AF Gun Accelerator, clean equipment thoroughly with water, to avoid future pump blockages or related equipment problems. 

AVAILABLE IN: 5 gallon, 55 gallon and 265 gallon containers.


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